Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Marathon Countdown - Week 9

My to-do list for this week includes activities to improve upon shortfalls of last week.


1. Get more sleep
I had a few spontaneously late nights last week which involved meeting friends, eating Indian food, and playing trivial pursuit. Awesome. However, trying to get up for a run following four hours sleep is hard work/impossible/didn't happen. Hence I only went for two runs and one swim as I had less energy to get out. Whilst I'm no athlete aiming for a sub 3hour time, I want to feel comfortable and confident on the day of the marathon so need to ensure I get enough sleep to, in turn, train enough to feel happy.

2. Sort-of plan my runs
I'm not much of a planner in my personal life. I like to keep an open-ish calendar and wing things, as this feels far more exciting to me than filling the calendar weeks ahead and knowing exactly what's around the corner. So far, I've applied this to my training schedule. I was never going to adopt the detailed training plan method, as again, if I could see 50 + runs all lined up in my diary I would have felt pretty overwhelmed and restricted. Perhaps this is considered an airy-fairy approach by some, but I like to run according to feel and according to what else I've got on that week in work, uni, with friends and so on. Even so, winging it can only be stretched so far before it means things don't get done. Back to point one - sleep! I'll continue to go with the flow and fit runs around life, and vice versa, but with a more mindful, balanced approach than last week, and even if I don't have a plan on paper, a rough one in my head will enable me to be more efficient.

3. Buy de-caffeinated teabags
Quite easy this one. I've cut out caffeine as it gives me headaches and makes me feel dehydrated and lethargic. Rubbish for running. Last week I slipped back into bad habit mode of drinking caffeinated tea as I'd run out of my alternatives. So. To the shops!

I could add eat less KitKat Chunkys to my list, but that would be ridiculous.

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