Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Marathon Countdown - Week 10

Sunday, February 12th marked 10 weeks until the London Marathon.
Since the last post, I have mostly been thinking about breakfasts and new running routes.

Sunrise at Swansea seafront, 8am, February 11th 2012
Whilst Cardiff is great for running in terms of having a plentiful supply of parks and water to run through and alongside, scenery fatigue has been kicking in recently. In a bid to keep things interesting I took an early Saturday morning trip to Swansea's seafront, and ran from the civic centre to Mumbles pier and back again. I absolutely loved this. I arrived in time to see a super cool sunrise, the views from the pier were epic, and Swansea's runners are extra friendly - I even got a cheer from a group of strangers running in the opposite direction! I've since talked to other runners who reported similar experiences further West. Smiles - and cheers - go a long way to making a run more pleasurable. Cardiff runners take note! With the exception of my running friends, I've noticed this city's runners can be sullen at times, making me look like a grinning lunatic bounding around the streets with unreturned smiles. Maybe Swansea's sea air makes their runners happier? Or maybe my presence triggers this reaction?! I plan to continue sharing smiles with the happy and annoying moody runners regardless.

View from Mumbles Pier, 9am, February 11th 2012
If anyone is planning a similar crack-of-dawn wintery trip,  I recommend taking a vehicle with working heaters. Despite gloves, hat, fleece, scarf and sleeping-bag-like coat, I thought my freezing fingers were going to stiffen into permanent claws whilst driving back.

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, so when a man who runs through ice-bogs* mentioned how great pancake breakfasts are for runners, immediately a seed was sewn. My pre-long-run version this week combined blueberries and honey. Lovely! And not sure I should be revealing this...but I also ate pancakes and honey with scrambled eggs and spinach this week. My palate is combination trained, but perhaps it's not for everyone! A more everyday addition to my breakfasting has been gluten free oats - also a great energy giver and again great mixed with the old favourites of blueberries and honey. 
During the week ahead I plan to incorporate a 15 mile run, have a physio session to keep my currently repairing shins in check, improve my iPod playlists and continue to plan my fundraising** events. I'll post details of those very soon, but I'm excited to say that lots of lovely people have agreed to help out - thank you those people. Big thanks also to the folks who have donated to my justgiving site this week, and thank YOU for reading my blog post!

* Said guy recently ran the crazy Hellrunner race for The Prostate Project, which involves heaps of hills, mud and ice-bogs! To sponsor him and read more, check out his fundraising page here.

**If you'd like to sponsor my challenge for Tenovus Cancer Charity, you can do so here.

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