Monday, 26 September 2011

Facial Hair Philosophising

I regularly conisder the man beard, and those who've read my blog may be aware of my love. I do not wish to be a beardy bore, even though I feel there is a PhD to be written on the subject. I may instead slip in a brief thought or musing from time to time, reflective of my facial hair philosophising. Today's is written in a handy Twitter style 140 characters:

The beard is the antithesis of fake-tanned man. Whilst the facial hair fearing perceive it as unkempt, to me it suggests a natural skinned academic/artistic man-combo.

Confirmation of my theory: 

William Fitzsimmons, songwriter and psychotherapist. 
The man is uber-talented and uber-bearded.

Photo Credit: Erin Brown.

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  1. Hi Lisa, I just remembered we both had a birthday last week- another year older, hope it was a good one! Gloria