Thursday, 14 July 2011

Art + Words + Beard


Some things in life which make me happy include art and words and beards. I don't sport facial fuzziness myself you understand, but associate the look with wonderful North American music, and forever more a romantic association has been created. As sightings of good beards make me smile, so does looking at art which floats my boat. It has long been proven that art is linked to wellbeing, and for me, wonderful words have the same effect - obviously they're the staple of the writerly diet I'm trying to stick to. Imagine my happiness then, when I found beards and art and words* combined in a vision of loveliness by artist and designer Matthew Jackson. In case of imagination extractions - well, I am very happy indeed.

You can find more of Matthew's prints in his shop, peruse his blog or follow him on Twitter here.

*I know, they're actually letters which make up the word beard. Over and over. I'm still excited.

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