Thursday, 30 September 2010

Prettily Paranormal Pop Melodies

Review -

Aerophlot is the debut album by Jakokoyak, probably known by his mother as Rhys Edwards. Released by the independent Welsh label and music publisher Peski, he joins alternative music royalty such as Cate Le Bon, who provides vocals for the record - also involved is Dafydd Ieuan and Guto Pryce of SFA and The Peth. A follow up to critically acclaimed EPs, Aerophlot was inspired during the early 80s by travel memories and the Russian 'space race'.  Flying on the legendary Russian airline Aeroflot, Rhys was enveloped by the compelling symbolism of Russia’s space programme, and as he skimmed over the Siberian panorama, insights were impressed upon the future musician which would influence his creations in years to come. The sound is airy, light, dreamy, wistful and wonderful, with prettily paranormal pop melodies smattered by electronic bleeps, synth sounds and mechanical drums. Reminiscent of Air’s Moon Safari, it also sits comfortably alongside the more current M83, but should not be described as chill out music as it’s more intelligent and far from bland. It contains tales about an abandoned Ukrainian city (Prypiat), the first dog in space (Laika), Yuri Gagarin’s very own postcode (Moscow 705) and a private seaside in Sweden (Amine). The surreal, space focussed quirky subject matter sits perfectly alongside the softly supernatural sound.

The Spotify album link: Jakokoyak – Aerophlot

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