Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Diolch yn Fawr

I'm thrilled to have been shortlisted for the Wales Blog Awards. But I can't shout about it. That wouldn't really be my style. So, I'm whispering here on my blog - as loud a thank you as an e-whisper will allow.

I've justified that people who are reading have found their way to this post single handedly (that's you - thank you!) I haven't tweeted, 'Hey, look at me, my blog has been shortlisted!' There's no Welsh blog related sheet of celebration knotted to a roundabout in Merthyr Tydfil, with an ink smudge spelling out my web page. I haven't even told my gran.*

Not that self-promotion is a bad thing. It's intrinsically linked to social media and furthering a creative career. I'm just not particularly good at it. I unpredictably blush bright red in social situations. Interview presentations flood me with the kind of fear most people reserve for swimming with piranhas or being forced to strip naked and perform Queen's greatest hits live at Wembley. Simple conversations with strangers can fill me with self-consciousness. This real-life shyness translates into a shyness about my e-world too. Which is why writing is a bit good. I can be myself, regardless of how red my cheeks grow!

I really am delighted that my blog has been nominated. If you're reading this and had an input into my shortlisting, thank you very much. Quietly, it means a lot to me.

*Granted, my gran didn't understand vegetarianism when I adopted that (temporarily) in the 1980s. She calls my degree a thingy. Evidence suggests she probably wouldn't know what a blog is. Still, she likes to hear my news, however unintelligible.


  1. You'd be surprised - quite a lot of grannies know what a blog is. Some of them even have one. I am a granny and I have five blogs.
    If she really in in the dark then you should educate her and encourage her to get a computer if she hasn't already got one. She would have so much fun.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I like your style. You seem quirky and free-spirited. Like you, I like wine (red), I write short stories, and I am a vegetarian (12 years and counting!) :)
    I use my blog to give tips & advice to aspiring writers ;)
    I'm on the other side of the pond. Hope to see you there!

  3. Hi Lisa
    stopped over from the Nut Press, congratulations on the nomination. Im an aspiring writer too currently lost on a french island.

  4. Hey a rose - it's great to hear about blogging grannies, I aim to still be writing at granny age! I've taught IT in the community to lots of mature learners so know that people of all ages are capable of computing. As for my gran, I've offered to get her online but she won't have any of it, her social life is too hectic! She did leave me a voicemail this week so at least that's a start :) Congratulations on your five blogs, you put me to shame!

    Claudia, thanks very much for your message, it seems we have lots in common :) I switch to mostly red wine in winter as it goes so much better with a cosy fire place and chocolates! Let's share a glass sometime :) I'll definitely check out your blog as I'm always looking for writing tips, sounds a great idea.

    Thanks for visiting Joanna, and for the congrats! Your location sounds much more exotic than mine :) I'm looking forward to reading your work.