Thursday, 26 August 2010

Welsh Language Verbal Tennis

My sister and I spontaneously invented a game this week, which I've christened 'Welsh Language Verbal Tennis'. She and I were testing what's remaining of our school learned Welsh language by discussing vocabulary knowledge when suddenly we began to bat words back and forth, creating a vigorous Venus versus Serena style rally, but with balls of Cymraeg and rackets of tongues. 

It went a little bit like this:

Claire: Coch.
Me: Sglodion.
Claire: Oooo chips, nice one, what's sausages?
Me: Selsig.
Claire: Ok, selsig, that's mine now. Selsig.
Me: Cheat. Melyn.
Claire: Ty bach.
Me: Nice. Ysbyty.
Claire: Bendigedig.
Me: Llongyfarchiadau.
Claire: Clust
Me: Nofio
Claire: Mochyn
Me: Caws

You get the picture. Claire and I didn't go to Welsh medium school and haven't studied Welsh since so our command of the language leaves a lot to be desired. But our game got me thinking. It was fun and the rules simple, so seemingly ideal for a language learning exercise. A theme could be decided upon beforehand...whether travel or foods or compliments or weather...and the participants begin their exchange of linguistic shots. Yes, I'm aware that another language learning method is to have a conversation. In said language. And that's ultimately the most useful exchange of words to be able to participate in. But before that stage is reached, I think our tennis idea could help learners. It's less challenging than including grammar and sentence structure, so could be effective at building confidence as well as developing a vocabulary bank. It could be incentivised for added fun, with the person able to stay in the game the longest winning some form of chocolate. Or wine. I know that if I was learning a language, chocolate and wine would definitely help.

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