Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Lost Bed

So, I've been moved from the relative bubble of serenity* that was my own hospital room into the main ward. I'm trying to recreate that previous little world with the help of earphones and a heavily stocked Spotify account, but it's a challenge. This is a conversation I had yesterday:

Lady X: "Hello love, is this my bed?" She asked, sitting down on a bed, clearly not hers as the occupant sat in an adjacent chair.
Me: "I think it belongs to the lady sitting next to you."
Lady X: "Well, it looks like my bed. They all look the same see. They use the same covers and that." She ran her hand across the standard issue NHS bedding.
Me: "Yes, the sheets are all the same in hospital."
Lady X: "If this isn't my bed, where is it? I've lost it."
Me: "I think it's in the next bay down, I'm sure I saw you there yesterday." Lady X frowns and scratches her head.
Lady X: "I've lost it. It's a game they're playing with me."
Me: "The hide the bed game?"
Lady X: "Yes the buggers. I feel like shooting them all. I'm going to look for my bed now." And off she went. 

Anyone else thinking the bed was a metaphor?

Bring on the B-vitamins. Suddenly, memory boosting feels urgent.

*Stress on the 'relative', it was serenity within the context of crazy.

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