Friday, 7 May 2010

Stockings and goggles

7 things which have made for smileyness this week:

1. The gift of 1950s style seamed stockings from a 70 year old lady. It's a long story.

2. Doing the 'hot body bootcamp' workout DVD. It's so cheesy it achieves laughter and toning. "Your body's sizzling into the hot zone" being the most amusing quote. I convince myself I'm still a bit cool by playing The Manics or Biffy Clyro in the background.

3. The gift of swimming goggles. Quirky, thoughtful presents are the best.

4. Reading this on a teenager's hoody: "Cover me in chocolate and throw me to the lesbians." A teenager, I tell you.

5. Feeling grateful for the world's infinite possibilities, and unexpected happenings.

6. Toast* and honey.

7. Organising hula hooping and fingerprinting workshops, which I will partake in through my job. How cool is that.

* Using gluten free bread, very kindly made for me by a very nice person.

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