Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Rock and Roll

This is another cheat-y sort of post, in a Blue Peter style 'here's one I made earlier' kind of way, but the words are mine and hopefully not stale despite their age. Below is a review of a particularly memorable gig involving damage to my shoes. The perpetrator had a lucky escape considering this crime.

Swn Festival
Friday 23rd October 2009

Swn Festival – heaps of bands to see, my only complaint, not enough time. Oh yeah, and Tom the ‘shouter’ and guitarist of Pulled Apart by Horses spat beer in my eye and was sick on my feet. More about that later. I had a wristband granting me access to all Swn venues and a few hours of time on the rainy Friday 23rd October. First stop, Clwb Ifor Bach for You Animals (8.00pm-8.30pm). All skinny jeans and big hair this band were a mix of teenage looks and punky riffy pop rock and what they lacked in banter they more than made up for in an enthusiastic performance. My gig mate and I planned strategically, choosing acts within a few hundred yard radius to fit in as much music as we could manage. Next up, Elephant and Solider in Dempseys from 8.30pm to 9pm. Sam Goudie’s dreamy vocals and acoustic guitar accompanied by Olivia Smith on cello truly are a goose bump inducing combination, having only heard the EP previously (available as a FREE digital download) their live performance didn’t disappoint. I was sorry such beautiful music had to end, but the show(s) had to go on and so did I. Just a few puddles down Womanby Street, was Geraint Williams in The Toucan Club from 9.30pm to 10pm. This sixteen year old singer songwriter has been compulsively creating songs since the age of twelve so says his myspace, and as such the sincerity and innocence of his music was certainly conveyed in this heartfelt live set. Seemingly shy, in time I think Geraint’s bashfulness will dissipate and his confidence will grow to match his song writing abilities. There was just time to finish my beer before returning to Clwb for Pulled Apart by Horses (10.00pm-10.45pm). Characteristically chaotic, the Leeds band were in full flow when we arrived, delivering their screamy thrashy hyper energied disco rock. Undeniably engaging, I squeezed through the throng for a closer look and listen of the frenzied foursome to assume an unfortunately intimate position. Tom broke away from the main stage into the crowd, projecting an arching liquid missile of beer straight into my eyes, then threw up all over the floor, including all over my boots. A sticky end to Swn for me, but very rock and roll!

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