Monday, 26 April 2010

Make stuff, you'll enjoy it

I'm not crafty in a devious/machiavelian/steals smarties from small children kind of way. I'm crafty in an I like to make things kind of way. Especially at times of birthdays or Christmas when I become (to be honest) a little frenzied and urgent in my creativity. Sequins must be applied immediately. Beads have to be strung until 3a.m. Cards are constructed with assembly line speed and precision. The effort comes easily as  the end products make me smile a lot. I think everyone should find a creative outlet which suits them. Making things is simple and satisfying, and leads to unique gifts. My most glow inducing results include a best friend wearing jewellery I made for her wedding day, and family members still wearing things I made them years later.

My crafty likes: recycled jewellery making, using old items or random household objects to make new. Curtain rings and nuts and bolts make great necklaces. Ribbon. Shiny things. Teaching people how to make jewellery for the first time; it's easy once you know how, and usually provokes delight. Sequinned baubles. Bespoke cards. Origami flowers.

My crafty wants: A glue gun. So much fun to be had sticking one thing to another. A wheeled and handled device to transport my crafty things around in. Jewellery making workshops often lead to chiropractic appointments.

Some examples of my makes:

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