Monday, 19 April 2010

Gaps in the Market

I don't exactly know what 'the market' I'm referring to is, but it's what people seem to say when they come up with an idea to earn themselves money and satiate an abyss in the consumer world.

The 'Betterware' catalogue showcases examples of how some spaces should just be left empty: Do people buy 'onion keepers' and '5 blade security shredding scissors'? The fact Betterware still keep posting their hideous style-free catalogues through my door suggests some people do. Those people likely watch shopping channels, listen to the music of Paul Mcartney and have never had sex.

Anyway, I have decided to be watchful for aforementioned gaps. My first suggestion is a chocolate takeaway. I rarely order fast food, but I know that had I been able to dial for a bar of Galaxy Bubbles* to go with my lonely cup of tea this evening I would have. It's a money spinner entrepreneurs. Plus I'd get chocolate delivered-to-my-door if you developed this. Very exciting. I would write nice things about you forever and maybe we'd appear on Dragon's Den.

* Terrible name but tastes like creamy rainbows

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