Monday, 19 April 2010

Cafe of Doom

I was clearing pictures from my phone today and came across this one I took at Christmas time. It's supposedly a place of eating and drinking which I pass most working days, and have decided is the Cafe of Doom*. Surely consuming food in a place which has an entrance this scary, you have to scale stairs into blackness to reach**, has no window and advertises a key ingredient of the Christmas dinner as roats pot cannot end well.

* Capital letters needed to magnify sense of doom.
** Looks darker in 'real life'


  1. The Wallace and I want to eat a sausage or tripe lining in there!!

  2. By that I mean Chrissy and me. At Christmas, we're going there!! I get to have special VIP status and we take lots of pics now that Roddan is in the states and we miss him! This is the best bloody blog in Wales!! Love you D-D!!

    C and C.xxxxxxx